THE CUBIT BUILDING RULES – Revised January 2019

To protect your comfort, safety, and enjoyment, and that of your neighbors, the owners have adopted the following rules for all tenants of the building, as specified in your lease.

Mail & Deliveries

Each apartment has a designated mailbox in the lobby of the building. Building management cannot accept packages for you and is not responsible for the delivery, acceptance or receipt of, damage to or loss of, messages, packages, mail or other material left in the lobby or elsewhere in the Building.


The parking lot adjacent to the building is reserved exclusively for residents and commercial tenants. Each apartment can use one parking space – you can park in any available spot. Disabled parking placard/tags are required to park for ADA accessible spots. Visitors can park on any of the surrounding streets.

Parking is for passenger automobiles or motorcycles only. Please do not wash, repair or change the oil of your car in the parking lot. A carwash is located two blocks away on the corner of Main and Cabot Streets.

Bicycles should not be stored in hallways or any common areas. A bicycle storage room will be available for tenants in the lower level of the building.


Every apartment has modular bins in the kitchen for garbage and recycling. Please line these containers with plastic bags and empty them regularly in to the designated containers in the trash room on your floor. Please take care to prevent waste from dropping or spilling on your way to the trash room.

Each trash room has four labeled bins – two for garbage, one for cans and bottles and one for paper and cardboard. All garbage must be sealed in a bag before placing it in the container – do not empty garbage directly into the container. Please double-bag cat litter in small bags. Cans and bottles can be emptied directly into the container as well as paper and cardboard. Breakdown all cardboard boxes before placing them in the container or place them neatly on the side if they are too large to fit.

Garbage is removed from the trash room every day on weekdays. Recycling is emptied as needed. Please notify us if any of the containers are full.


Every apartment is equipped with a stacked washer and dryer. Please read the instructions for this equipment before using it. Lint must be removed from the dryer’s lint trap in between every use. Not doing so reduces the efficiency of the dryer and increases your electric bill.

Building Appearance

Please do not display any signs, flags, pennants, placards, advertisements, notices, pictures, ornaments, stickers, handbills, or other lettering so as to be visible on the outside of the building or the common areas. Towels, rugs, clothing and other similar articles are not to be hung from windows. Garbage cans, brooms, cardboard boxes, bicycles and personal articles are to be kept inside your premises and out of view.


Every tenant has the right of peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their apartment. Please do not make any excessive noise within the building property that disturbs other residents, and do not allow guests or invitees to do so. Radios, televisions, musical instruments or other sound equipment should not be operated to the disturbance of others, and you must ensure that social gatherings do not become loud, boisterous, or generally objectionable.
Special consideration must be exercised every day from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am which is designated as quiet hours of the building.


Each tenant is advised to carry sufficient insurance on personal property and to protect from losses due to fire, flood, theft, personal injury or injury to others, or other casualty. The building owners will not be responsible for replacement of any items or for tenant’s losses unless as a direct and proximate result of the owner’s negligence.

Fire Safety

Each apartment and common areas are equipped with smoke and heat detectors and a fire sprinkler system. Do not obstruct these devices or hang anything from them. The plug-in carbon monoxide detector should be plugged in to an outlet in an open room such as a bedroom or living area. Do not remove batteries from smoke detectors or in any other way attempt to conceal or disarm them.

The fire department will be called automatically if a sprinkler head or heat detector is tripped anywhere in the building. If a smoke detector is tripped within your apartment, it will sound an alarm within the apartment only and not call the fire department. You can stop the smoke alarm by fanning air across the smoke detector until it clears. Smoke detectors located in common areas will call the fire department if tripped.
Fire alarm pulls and fire extinguishers are located next to each stairwell exit. Do not obstruct entrances, corridors, stairs, or exits. Storage of kerosene, gasoline, or any flammable or explosive agents is always prohibited. Smoking is not permitted at any time in the building, including apartments, hallways and entrances. Please exercise extreme caution with candles. If incense is used, it should not be detectable anywhere outside of your unit.

Unit Care

Please perform reasonable housekeeping in your unit to maintain it in a clean and sanitary condition. Carpet covering may be necessary to abate and control noise.
Garbage disposals, dishwashers and other appliances must be used only for the intended purpose for which they were designed and constructed. Please use toilets, tubs, and sinks only for their primary purpose and never use them to dispose of sweepings, rubbish, rags, garbage, sanitary napkins, or other items likely to clog them. Tenants are liable to pay for any expense incurred for unclogging and repairing any damage clogged toilets and drains.
You can hang pictures and the like on a wall employing a small nail or pin, however, you are responsible for the cost of any repairs or painting required as a result of the hanging of pictures or other objects. Please consult with us before hanging or installing anything else, such as televisions, towel bars, coat hooks and the like. You may not install air conditioners or window screening devices. You may not install any external aerial or antenna

Please contact us with any questions or maintenance requests via email at